The Art Of Manifestation

The Art of Manifestation is powerful. Through clear convictions, clear commitment, and clear follow-through you are able to put out into the universe what it is you want in your life and be ready to welcome it when it arrives. 

Know that whatever you need, the Universe will supply, when you send a clear message, commit to seeing it, and follow through when it arrives. Knowing it and acting upon this knowledge is the power of manifestation. Fill up your thoughts and actions as if your love is just around the corner, and you will soon find him or her. When you are consistently thinking of what role your mystery person will play in your life, and what your relationship will look like, it is easier to recognize it when it arrives.

We are going to utilize the Art of Manifestation to help bring the love you are seeking into your life. It is important to be specific and be honest about who you want in your life. Throughout this workbook, we will identify certain qualities that you want in a relationship, and those that you do not want or prefer not to have. Knowing what these help clarify what you are projecting and therefore, manifesting.

When doing this assignment think beyond what you have already written up and identified on the past deal-breaker and your wishlist. 

Dig a little bit deeper. Think of how you want your new relationship to make you feel. Do you want someone in your life that makes you feel safe? In what ways would that person make you feel safe? Do you want a partner who is emotionally supportive and is a cheerleader in your life? Identifying how someone will make you feel helps you realize it is them when they arrive! Think about how you’ll contribute to their life too.

(Write a Love Letter of Desire to The Universe)

Dear  Universe,

Thank you! I am now allowing, attaching, and being with my husband/ wife/ partner who loves cherishes, and adores me.

Who is attentive to me by expressing an authentic heart for our connection. Generous with sharing their mind, body, and soul through all of their actions and desires for us to be together.


I give to the whole complete universe permission, on my behalf, to intervene and rain magic, boundless miracles filled with blessed surprises of your own design into my reality now.

Thank you universe with much abundant love,

Me (Sign your name)

BONUS - if you have HOT PINK paper and a sparkle pen to write this powerful message the angels will love it - but not required!